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My top 5 picks from Daily Blog Tips Writing Project

I always like to participate in Blog Writing Projects. Not only does it gives your site an exposure, you also get to discover a lot of cool blogs and connect with fellow bloggers. This time there were 71 entries. I had gone through them all and added a lot of blogs to my feed reader. […]

Site Problems

Yesterday one of my readers informed me that there was a problem with my site. When i opened my site, i learned that some tables of my site’s database has crashed. During that time, there was a problem displaying and posting comments on this blog and i apologize for that. I had no idea how […]

The Digs’em wordpress theme by Garry Conn

Garry Conn, the author of around 100 blogs and one of my best buddies online has released a free wordpress theme called Digs’em. Digs’em stands for Digg + SEM (Search Engine Marketing). The design of this theme is inspired by the popular site Digg and the theme is also very much Search Engine Friendly. To […]

How to remove Virus from USB Drives

One of the ways by which a virus can infect your PC is through USB/Pen drives. Common viruses such as ‘Ravmon’ , ‘New Folder.exe’, ‘Orkut is banned’ etc are spreading through USB drives. Most anti virus programs are unable to detect them and even if they do, in most cases they are unable to delete the file, only […]

Camera phones to work as Computer Mouse soon

As the time progresses, new innovations are happening in technology. Researchers at York University, United Kingdom have developed a software through which you can use your camera phones to work as computer mouse also. Yes this is true , believe me. With the help of this technology, camera enabled mobile phones can be used to […]