December 07 stats

Its been around 10 days since i posted on this blog. I would like to thank my friends Ashwin, Keshav, Nirmal, Brown Baron, Shankar and Ram Karthikwho kept this blog alive in my absence with there wonderful guest posts. As i was unable to pay much attention to my blog in December, the traffic and earnings declined a bit. Here are the complete stats.

Blog Traffic

Unique Visitors: 25391

Pageviews: 85334

As usual Google was the main source of traffic.

Popular Posts

Some of the popular posts of this month are

Top Keywords

  • Crysis Update
  • Xeeber
  • Com Surrogate Error
  • Pro Evolution Soccer 08


  • Google Adsense: $70
  • Text Link: $82
  • Kontera: $15
  • Other: $15
  • Total : $182

There was in increase in feedcount and it reached around 255. Now i am back to college to start my last semester, i hope i can put more time in this blog. I am also going to start a new blog on Soccer in a few days.


  1. K-IntheHouse says:

    Happy New year to you (just getting around commenting 🙂 )!

    Nice going with the stats and your blog was in good hands and I still enjoyed reading it! Wish you good luck in the coming months too.

  2. Nirmal says:

    Congrats on a successful month. Wishing you all the best and Happy new year.

  3. TechDune says:

    Impressive Stats.. 🙂

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