Razer unveils “Razer Destructor” a Gaming-grade Surface


Razer Destructor

I have reviewed several gaming mouse in the past few months. But to utilize the full potential of a gaming mouse, you need a good mouse pad or surface and today we will look at just that. Razer, a company that manufactures gaming peripherals recently showcased “Razer Destructor”, an optimal gaming-grade mousing surface at the CES 2008. The surface is made especially for optical and laser mouse.

It is specifically coated in a reactive gunmetal finish thus enabling optical mouse to work 25% better and laser mouse to work upto 37% better on it. Thus the tracking ability of the mouse can get really enhanced when used on this surface. Some of its cool features are

  • Razer Fractal Surface
  • Can be used with both laser and optical mouse
  • Non slip rubber base for firm grip
  • dimensions are 350mm (length) x 280mm (width) x 2.3mm (height)

And while  developing this thing, Razer worked closely with some hardcore and professional gamers so it is well suited for gaming purpose. One of its downfall is that it is expensive. I dont think many would like to spend $39.99 on a mouse pad. But for those who can, it would be great.


  1. oops…very expensive !!!

  2. Brown Baron says:

    I bet this mousepad is great for cs playing hehe.

  3. Don’t play games any more…..my wife doesn’t let me !

  4. Heh, I was beginning to wonder when will Madhur review next Super Giga Mega Techie mouse :))

  5. Atof says:

    Wishlist Update 😉