Apple’s MacBook Air – A Look

 Apple Macbook Air

Every year during the Macworld, Apple has some great products to launch . Last year, they really captured the market with the introduction if iPhone, this time Steve Jobs has introduced MacBook Air – a slim 13.3 inch laptop that weights around 3 pounds, is 0.16-0.76  inches thick and 8.9 inches deep.

Similar to existing MacBooks, it has a backlit keyboard with light sensors that can adjust according to brightness. It has a display resolution of 1280 x 800. Similar to iPhone, the touchpad is capable of recognizing and using multi touch. As for processing, it has an Intel C2D processor running at around 1.6-1.8 GHz. It features 2 GB of DDR2 667 RAM. As for storage, the normal HDD is a slim version of PATA 4200 RPM drive while it also has an option of using a 64 GB SSD card for storage purpose. It has a built in AirPort extreme wireless networking along with Bluetooth 2.1 +EDR. It has battery life of around 5 hrs when used with SSD storage.

Macbook Air

Although, the features looks great, i think it is definitely going to lose out on its price. The basic version is available for around $1798 and the full fledged one will cost more than $3000 . The design is definitely beautiful but i think there are better options available for the same price. What do you guys think ?


  1. Ashwin says:

    Better alternative? Can you name them?

    Don’t see that as a notebook. Some people might want to buy. Last year in Gitex, Dubai; people were flocking to buy the new Toshiba 12″ screen thing. It costs around Dhs 9500+. Macbook Pro costs Dhs 8800+. It’s not that expensive. Check this:…goryId= 16154

    3700 fu*cking dollars. Specs wise and performance wise (Steve claims so) it pwns Sony TZ “Overpriced” crapbook. I wouldn’t imagine spending $3700 and run Vista! More torture than rubbing salt in your wound.

    Basic model of Song TZ is almost 33% more than the basic price of MBA. Toshiba (I think it almost costs as much as MBA) and Dell will only be the cheaper alternative in this segment. But then, people don’t buy Apple for VFM and you should buy Apple because of VFM.

  2. I guess HP laptops are also a lot cheaper . The hosting of this blog is fine. Got it through Deep. Havent faced any major downtime issues till now.

  3. Ashwin says:

    HP lappies are not available at this segemt, AFAIK.

    Just like that I asked. No issues with my host. My blog had problems with high resource usage. Fine now..

  4. Kyle Eslick says:

    Count me as one of those people that doesn’t understand why people like such small laptops or keyboards.

    I have no desire for either. 😀

  5. Mark says:

    I’m a PC guy, but with products like this and the reputation Apple has definitely give me reason to consider it as an option. I agree that the price is a little hefty. They messed up with the pricing for the iPhone when it released and then had to reduce it much to the frustration of early adopters, so I guess Apple still hasn’t learned how to be competitive price-wise. Undoubtedly, like all things do, they’ll come down in price at some point.