Sabeer Bhatia launches – free conferencing service


Sabeer Bhatia, the hotmail co-founder who recently launched Live documents, an online office application has launched a brand new conferencing service. The service is called and it is a free conferencing facility for Indian users.

To use the service, you will be required to register on the website after which you will be given a conference ID and a Pin which could be circulated to begin conferencing. You will have to dial +91-22.3980-4444. You will then need to enter your ID and Pin to begin the process. The site offers a wide range of application which can be used by corporates and individuals. Companies can use the service to schedule conference calls with there team members at designated times and they can also get private conferencing numbers if they want.

Bhatia ,who earlier provided users with free email through the hotmail service plans to do the same in the conference arena. The service is currently available for Indian users but he might plan to extend that to worldwide later on. 


  1. Vijay says:

    Is the number toll free or something? I wouldnt want to spend to test it out!

  2. I tried calling it with my cell and it didnt turn out be toll free.

  3. I think the project is still under testing phase and is not working properly.. What do you feel ? By the way after the setback from arzoo and blogeverywhere will sabeer repeat the success of hotmail is a big question.