January 08 stats

It is the 1st of February, the time when I tell you how my blog fared in the previous month. January was a good as well as bad month for me. Good in the sense that one of my posts got around 15000 hits in a day through stumbleupon but the bad thing was that the server couldn’t take the load and my site was suspended for two days. This prompted me to upgrade to WordPress 2.3 and then i faced some issues with upgrade but it was resolved quickly. Then i few days later, some of the database tables of the blog crashed and it took some time before I figured out what had to be done. Now coming to the stats, I will keep it short and simple


  • Unique Visitors : 29765
  • Page views : 89435

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Earnings : Around $170 . Mostly from adsense

I have also started a new blog called TheSoccerPitch.com. Although, it is a bit difficult to maintain two blogs, i am trying to strike a balance between the two. If you are a soccer fan, then do visit my new blog and subscribe to the feed.


  1. @Joel
    The popular post “Reveal Hidden Asterisks Password using revelation”

  2. mayank says:

    i was thinking of upgrading with fantastico as well.
    you recommend me upgrading through it? im currently on wp 2.3.1

  3. @mayank
    yeah you can upgrade through it . It is fine