Zeiss Cinemizer video glasses for iPod


During the recent Macworld Expo, world renowned lens maker Carl Zeiss unveiled a cool looking pair of video glasses for iPod known as Cinemizer. The glasses provide a wonderful image quality in video eyewear on an imaginary screen with a 45-inch diagonal at a distance of 78-inches.

You will be able to use your iPod classic, iPod Touch, iPod video and iPod nano(3rd generation) with the Cinemizer glasses. Besides this, other devices such as a DVD player or game consoles can also be connected with it via video-in port. The glasses also come with integrated headset and a wired remote to let users play,stop and pause the video. And the battery it uses is fully integrated inside the iPod dock.

The Cinemizer video glasses uses Carl Zeiss lens and are being developed by Frog Design. They are available in 5 colors which are – black, blue, yellow, red, purple. The price of these glasses are not known and they will be available around March 2008


  1. Niyaz PK says:

    That is interesting….. Cool.

  2. Ashfame says:

    Glasses will be pretty cool if they are wifi enabled. Watch anywhere in your house. hehe..

  3. Shashank says:

    That is cool but these types of eyewear comes too costly 🙁

  4. SauceTheGame says:

    Now that is awesome.

  5. Mike says:

    I think the Cinemizer is too bulky and heavy… Have you hear of the relaxview 3.0? I recently bought it at http://www.relaxview.eu and is has great resolution and a cool design

  6. Syahid A. says:

    Cool spectacles! I wonder how much will it cost once it’s out.

  7. Jacklin says:

    It’s a cool equipment. But, however watching in a screen still feel better than in a spectacles…Will this equipment bring bad effect to our eyes sight?

  8. Bad for eyes or no, I prefer big screen everyday. Yup. I can’t imagine watching LOTR on a small screen. You lose so much, so much…

  9. Great find buddy..any idea about the price