Nokia to develop Remade – an eco friendly phone


Nokia has announced that it will develop an eco-friendly phone from recycled materials. The phone is named as “Remade” and it might be something that will help to manufacture phones in the future.

The phone has been created by aluminum cans, with rubber key mats provided by old tyres and plastics from drink bottles forming the chassis. It will also incorporate some energy saving technologies such as Energy saving display. The main use of developing this concept was to see that if a phone can be manufactured without using a single new material.

This concept is sure to inspire the way the phones are going to be manufactured in the future. This might also being the cost of phones down.


  1. Bush Mackel says:

    The Remade def looks like a REmote. Ha ha. But it’s very cool that so many ppl are trying to green. *nod*

  2. Brown Baron says:

    It does look like a remote hehe. I bet it’s going to be a hit.

  3. Shashank says:

    i am curious abt its price 🙂

  4. Nirmal says:

    Yea definitely looks like an advanced remote. 😀
    and the price, any idea?

  5. Yeah it does look like a remote . Since it is made up of recyled materials , the price is gonna be cheap.

  6. Abhishek says:

    Nokia is always ahead in such experiments!!

  7. More like of an experiment than a real thing .

  8. Jacklin says:

    Great idea of using recycle material…I hope this step will be soon followed by other cellular phone manufacturer.