Super Sunday Links Episode 2

I am back with another of my Sunday link love specials. My friend Bobby who inspired me to this great idea is a bit depressed at the moment. So why don’t you drop by his blog and leave a comment so as to cheer him up. Also do go through these links and make new friends.

    My friend has Aalaap has launched a new service called Linkbunch which lets you put multiple links into one small link. A handy utility for all of us.
    Do visit them and make new friends.


  1. Dexter says:

    Thanks for the link buddy

  2. CristianR says:

    Thanks for the link mate. I appreciate it.

  3. […] a cool service to send loads of links with one bunch(ed) link. Found this service on Madhur’s Sunday Link […]

  4. That Ninja game is cool, you should definitely try.

  5. Bobby Revell says:

    Thanks Madhur! This is actually the 1st day I’ve started back blogging since I stopped taking anti-depressant medications. I feel really great today and this post really helped cheer me up!

  6. Ashfame says:

    Thanks for the link luv buddy. 😀

  7. Brown Baron says:

    Thanks for the love buddy!

  8. Sumesh says:

    Nice links, and I’m quite interested in Christian’s and Dexter’s post..