Tech Trouble : Man arrested after mp3 player was mistaken as a gun

We all like to fancy gadgets don’t we but these gadgets can get us into trouble also. Its hard to believe but that’s what happened to a 28 year old mechanic from the UK. He was arrested at gunpoint after his mp3 player was mistaken for a gun by the policeman.

Nixon was returning home from a bus and was changing tracks on his mp3 player. A passenger on the bus raised the alarm and tipped the police thinking that Nixon had a gun. The police then chased him and managed to confront him near his home at gunpoint.

Nixon said “I was shocked and had no idea what was going on. That was when I took my earphones out and they were shouting at me not to make any sudden movements. I dread to think what might have happened if I’d put my hand in my pocket. My legs turned to jelly as they handcuffed me and read me my rights”

He was searched and fingerprinted by the police officers and his DNA swab was taken after which he was released. And all this record will be kept on a file as he was arrested .


  1. Bobby Revell says:

    Wow…that is scary. I am glad the guy didn’t reach into his pocket. What nationality is Nixon?

  2. Nirmal says:

    Ohhh… really scary stuff.

  3. ohh…lol
    Imagine the reaction on that person face.

  4. Brown Baron says:

    That must have been real scary. I can imagine the guy’s surprise.

  5. Rajaram S says:

    I think the question Bobby asked is very relevant …I guess that the treatment would have been different based on the nationality, as the “alert” level currently is slightly on the high

  6. @Bobby
    He was British.

    @Nirmal, Coolest games, Brown
    Once in a lifetime experiance

    I definately agree with you but he was british

  7. Sumesh says:

    LOL….think of the terrifying feeling that man would’ve had…
    I hope he didn’t explode in rage or anything.

  8. Jacklin says:

    Starting from now, I have to be more careful when buying fancy stuff…This story is good lesson for all of us.

  9. DJ says:

    But, why will he kept on record? Is that fair to keep this on record?

  10. @Dj
    I guess since he was arrested, they have to keep him on record.