Gears Of War 2 announced

If you are fond of PC games and haven’t played Gears Of War on PC/XBOX 360, then you are definitely missing something. I finished the game recently and expect a review in my next post.

Gears of War 2

Microsoft announced that a sequel to the game will come out for XBOX 360 but November 2008 and we can assume one for PC after a few months. So far, nothing has been announced regarding the game play but it will be go deeper into humanities struggle for survival against the creatures called Locust and it will be a bigger and better game than he original.

The announcement is sure to please a lot of fans. I would like to request Microsoft to release the PC version first but I don’t mind waiting a bit longer. Have you played GOW ? Did you like it?


  1. Atof says:

    Yep, played and finished on pc 😀 ..Splendid graphics, and interesting game, however, the action does get a litle bit repetitive.
    Still Looking fwd to GoW2 😀

  2. Nirmal says:

    Not played it, will read your review. 🙂

  3. Sumesh says:

    God knows what the system requirements are for good gameplay, this makes me proud of owning an Xbox360.

  4. @Atof
    The gameplay is a bit repetitive but the story and levels are awesome. I hope they introduce some new moves in GOW2

    You should definately check it out. It will run decently in your new laptop

    It must be running brilliantly in your XBOX. Wish i had one too

  5. Jacklin says:

    I have not tried the game yet, but I’ll read your review…Sounds it worth to try.

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