XFX 9600 GT launched

XFX has introduced its first ever 9 series card called the XFX 9600 GT.


It supports the next-gen Geforce graphics with PureVideo HD technology which enables you to play HD DVD and blue ray video with excellent quality in your PC. If offers around 90% more performance than any other cards in this category. The core speed at which it runs in 650 MHz but the overclocked versions are available which can push this speed to 680 MHz and 700 MHz.

It supports DirectX 10, Nvidia’s Quantum Effects technology, Lumenex engine. It also has a Unified architecture which makes for optimum gaming performance.

The extreme edition of this card includes a HDMI kit along with “Company Of Heroes” DVD. It ranges for around $169 – $199 depending on the edition. In India it is available for 13990. So if you are looking for a card for some good gaming experience, this might be the thing for you.

via TechLivez


  1. Jawwad says:

    This really looks a great card by any perspective you take a look at it price,performance, features etc. I was looking at the NewEGG and there are more than 7 vendors offering card based on 9600 core!

  2. Drug Rehab says:

    I just wish I could actually use it, but I still have an AGP. The HD3850 looks like it may be a good upgrade for me though.

  3. Ashfame says:

    Its price is too high. 🙁
    I think I will get it once its price falls or maybe a 8800/8600GT.