100000 + and counting

spam The title is sure to confuse you but this is the amount of spam I have received in the past year. Akismet is the only spam comment plugin I am using on this blog right now. In the beginning it worked well but for the last few weeks, i have noticed many spam comments bypassing akismet and finding there way in the comments section.

If it happened rarely, I could have ignored it but it is happening everyday and 3-5 spam always finds a way in my blog. Sometimes, even legitimate comments get treated as spam and when you receive around 1000 comments daily, it becomes difficult to hunt for them. Now I have been thinking about adding some other plugin apart from Akismet to fight and stop spam in my blog.

Do suggest me some plugin which your using ? What other methods are you using to fight spam on your blog ? Your help will be greatly appreciated.


  1. DJ says:

    Akismet always does the job for me. 🙂

  2. Ram says:

    That is a lot of spam dude. The best way to manage is to get a captcha plugin, but i don’t recommend or use it myself

  3. @Nirmal
    It has certainly increased in the last few months

    Around 800-1000 daily.

    I wish i could say that

    Even i hate Captchas . I am thinking of incorporating Math Spam plugin .

  4. Edward says:

    100000+? Those spammers sure have a lot of dedication don’t they? 😛

  5. Ashfame says:

    At first sight, I thought it to be your pageviews. lol

  6. Kishore says:

    Madhur, are you using the latest version, there was an upgrade recently. I am also using only akismet and it works fine for me