Adobe releases Open Source AIR and Flex

Adobe has announced the launch of its Adobe Integrated Runtime and Flex 3 software. AIR will allow users to develop rich Internet applications such as HTML, Ajax, PDF etc. The software will also be able to work locally, i.e. it can also be able to read/write files on PC as well as on other applications.

It will allow the companies to develop desktop versions of the web site which will be similar to widgets. Thus it will bridge the gap between online and offline applications. The web site will now occupy a permanent spot on the user’s desktop. It will significantly reduce the wait time for downloading images and data because the desktop will be constantly updated while online.

Flex is also based on the open source technology and is free. These will enable the big companies to create desktop versions of there web site which will behave more like a software and will favor the users.

One Comment

  1. Binny V A says:

    Still waiting for a Linux version. But based on Adobe’s history, there is very little hope for that.