Gears Of War PC Review

My System Specifications : Intel P4 2.8 GHz HT, 1 GB DDR RAM, XFX Geforce 8600GT 256 MB, Intel 915 GAG MBoard. The game was played at high settings with resolution of 800 X 600

I recently finished playing Gears of War on PC and i have to thank Microsoft for porting this game from XBOX 360 to PC. The XBOX 360 version was a favorite among many gamers and the PC version lived up to its hype. It is very much different from the usual shooters we play. The gameplay requires you to take cover so as to avoid enemy shots as well as having a good aiming finger to take down enemies. This, combined with amazing graphics, quality story offers an immersive gameplay. SO if you haven’t tried it, then I recommend you to give this a try, it wont disappoint you.

Blood Bath

The game will let you take control of Marcus Fenix, who initially was serving time in prison but the war requires his type of kick-ass duty. So he is set free, given his weapons and uniform and made a member of the Delta Squad. During the course of the game, you will be required to move from one place to another, fighting off alien creatures known as “Locust” who sole aim is to take over the planet. The PC version has got a new section in the final act of the game which was missing in the XBOX 360 version. The game will take you through amazing surroundings which look extremely beautiful and well crafted. The surrounding environment will be large enough and will allow you to take cover in many places so as to fight the enemy.

10 legged freak

The gameplay is what makes this game difficult. Instead of running around and shooting your enemies, you will be required to take cover and them pop out the enemy. The enemies are intelligent and will also move from place to place and take cover. So the better aim you got, more are your chances of reaching your goal. The controls are similar to most of the games. You will be using the spacebar to run and take cover while you will use the right mouse button to take aim and fire on enemies.


The weapons in the game range from machine gun having a chain saw (kill an enemy from the chain saw ), sniper rifle, shotgun and also a weapon which requires communication with a satellite to work. At the end of each Act, you will have monster fights which are pretty cool. There will be a monster who wont be able to see you but only smell you so you will be required to drag him out to an open area so as to kill him.

Fight with the bosses can be so much fun

The graphics are truly amazing and does require a pretty heavy PC. In my configuration, with high settings, the game worked fine. If you have got a real killer gaming rig, you will thoroughly enjoy it. The porting has been done brilliantly from XBOX 360 to PC with no glitches and the game very well looks like a PC game on its own. I cant say anything about the multiplayer game as i have not tried it.

Come on you sucker

With quality story line, kick ass weapons, deadly Locust and beautiful graphics, this game is very much different from the normal shooters. So please do yourself a favor and try it out.


  1. conspiracy says:

    I just got this game on the weekend, it runs perfectly on my pc with full graphics and It’s one of the best best i’ve played. My pc “specs” are Intel Pentium D dual core 2.0 Ghz, 2 gig ram and 8800GS 384mb video card. My pc runs it fine and if you have better so should yours. ^^

  2. Spyd3r says:

    I just got the game and I love it. The controls are precise enough and as to what Me had to say…It wasn’t SUPPOSED to be a FPS. THe gore is awesome.