Yahoo Buzz – Digg Clone Launched


Yahoo has introduced Yahoo Buzz!, a service that lets you vote for user selected stories from around the web. It is very similar to digg which allows users to vote for there stories which should appear on the homepage. However, it ranks the stories based on votes, search-term popularity and what everyone is reading and emailing at this moment.

While browsing the web, yahoo users will be able to send message to Yahoo Buzz! about the content they like. Yahoo will then compute the information and publish it if they like. If your content is really buzzed, then it also has a chance of getting features on the Yahoo homepage. It is currently in beta phase and includes content from around 100 publishers ranging from large online sites and small influential blogs. The participating publishers will be given an online badge which will enable there readers to submit and vote for stories in real time.

The bad thing about this is that you cannot submit stories from your blog unless it is approved. If you want to become a publisher, you can visit the Publishers section. I don’t think it can pose a very serious challenge to Digg unless it starts accepting user content from around the web and not from just a handful of blogs. What do you guys think about this?


  1. Shashank says:

    Aren’t there are too much SB sites already…lets see how it performs

  2. Nirmal says:

    The best part of this is if a story comes up to front page, it will come in yahoo also, so the impact would be higher than digg.

  3. ChiQ Montes says:

    Wow really? Never knew of that .. Digg is getting really overcrowded already so it’s good that there is a new player :p

  4. Kyle Eslick says:

    With all that is happening with Yahoo, it is good to see they are still working on innovating and improving their brand.

    I think somone can “bury” Digg with some work as it has a lot of flaws. Will be fun to see how this service does a year from now (and who owns it, hehe).

  5. @shashank
    Given the user base of Yahoo, it might be a success

    This feature is great but i dont think the site’s server will be able to take the load of all yahoo users

    @ChiQ , Kyle
    Even i dont like Digg that much . Lets hope it turns out to be a success.

  6. Bobby Revell says:

    Hi Madhur! Personally, I cannot stand Digg or it’s owner. It’s the most gamed and overhacked site of them all. I believe the best social networking is just getting out there and meeting people and reading their blogs!