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Free disk space by deleting System Restore Points

Windows XP system restore is a great feature to get your system back on track after you have made some changes and the changes have caused some problem in your system. Normally 12% of the space is reserved on your drives for System Restore. So if you keep installing a lot of applications, Restore points […]

Super Sunday Links Episode 5

The big news of this week is the release of WordPress 2.5which brings together a lot of exciting features. A lot of you must have already upgraded your WordPress installations to the latest versions. Do share in comments how your experience has been so far. Any issues which you have faced? As for me, i […]

Youtube Insight Tool – Know Your Video Statistics

Google has come out with a new feature for Youtube called Youtube Insight which enables the users to view the detailed statistics about the video they upload. With its use, users will be able to see when and where there videos are being watched. It also tells a users how often the videos are viewed […]

Madhur Kapoor’s Entertainment Week

Its been a long time since I have participated in any tag game. Recently my friend Bobby Revell tagged me with a tag game called “My Entertainment Week” in which you have to write a little on the topics such as Books, Music, TV and in my case, Video Games and Movies. Books : I […]

5 Tips to optimize your site for Search Engines

After nearly two years of blogging, I guess I am somewhat ready to talk more about Blogging tips and so on. There are lots of things which we can do to help our sites perform better in search engines. So the list here may be incomplete. It is what I think is the top 5 […]