Feb 08 stats

Here are my blog stats for the month of February.

Traffic Details

  • Unique Visitors : 27865
  • Pageviews : 53456
    Most of the traffic this month was from Stumbleupon followed by Google.

    Popular Posts for this month

    Earnings : Around $200 mostly from Adsense

    The feed count also crossed the 300 mark this month. How has your previous month been?


    1. Thanks for the wishes everybody

      Even mine was less than what i was expecting but i am optimistic for the future.

      THe income is from this site only. I have one other site but that is new and i have not monetized it yet.

      I am sure it will increse in the future

      Even i used to be a PR 5 blogger but now my PR is 0

      Best of luck for your new blog buddy.

      Thanks buddy

      Thanks, why dont you share your stats with us too?

      Your site is doing very well, you will soon earn more than me

      Best of luck to you too buddy for the new month

      @Cool games
      These are for this site only.

    2. Steve Yu says:

      Nice traffic you get. Get more and more traffic this month!

    3. Ashfame says:

      Going great Madhur.
      Why don’t you show detailed stats?

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