Microsoft Office Live Workspace now Live

A few month ago, we talked about Microsoft Office Live Workspace, a sort of an online extension of Microsoft office similar to Google Docs. At that time, the service was not live but now, Microsoft has announced the worldwide availability of Microsoft Office Live Workspace beta.

The service allows users to share there documents by storing them online through Microsoft Office online. Thus the documents can be shared and accessed through anywhere. It is not a web based application in the sense that you will need Microsoft Office to view the document, but the documents can be shared online and you can invite others to view it. Microsoft has also unveiled some of Office Live Workspace new features such as notifications, activity panel, direct links and multi file upload. The activity panel will show all the activity in the workspace and will notify the users about the changes made to there documents or workspace.

Currently the service is available in only English language, but Microsoft soon plans to offer the program in different languages.


  1. Jawwad says:

    Looks like MS is converting every application to a Live flavor. It will only be a matter of time we will see Windows Live OS 😆

  2. Jacklin says:

    I think this service is great…However, working online is more powerfull. I guess this service will be success.

  3. Syahid A. says:

    Looks like Microsoft is feeling the Google / Zoho online tool heat. 😀