The most expensive iPod


If you have a lot of money to spend, then the world’s most expensive iPod Shuffle is up for sale at a charity auction in London. Normally the iPod shuffle costs only around $49 but the normal iPod doesn’t contain a makeover of hundreds of diamonds.

This iDiamond shuffle consists of 18 karat white and pink gold and contains 430 diamonds. Not only the iPod, but the earphones are also encased with diamonds. The cost of this beautiful work of art is around £20,000. It was made by the jeweller, Thomas Heyerdahl who says there wont be another one. Wonder what we will have next ?

via Yahoo


  1. Ashfame says:

    Hey Madhur
    How about giving that in a giveaway? 😆

  2. Joel says:

    Next I wonder who would come with most expensive iPhone….or is it already there???

  3. Nirmal says:

    Think how many would be buying this?

  4. Jacklin says:

    Wow…! That’s a great item. Hopefully they could get a lot of charity fund from this.

  5. @Ashfame
    Lol , i wish i could

    It is already here buddy. Wait for my next post

    There is only a single piece and it will land in the hands of some rich millionaire

    yeah, it will generate a lot of charity fund

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  8. Lost says:

    oO what do i have to do to get one of those :p?