5 Tips to optimize your site for Search Engines

After nearly two years of blogging, I guess I am somewhat ready to talk more about Blogging tips and so on. There are lots of things which we can do to help our sites perform better in search engines. So the list here may be incomplete. It is what I think is the top 5 strategies needed for better search engine rankings.

  1. Title Tags : Title Tags are no doubt, one of the most important factors which we consider during the Search Engine Optimization. Through this we tell the search engine what it needs to know. The title tags should contain relevant targeted keywords to capture additional search capability.

  2. Keyword Rich frequently updated Content : Quality Content will always remain the king but it should contain keywords which you are targeting to drive search traffic. The content part should contain keyword use that should appear natural. The content should also be updated for better indexing. It will not only make a crawler come back, but readers also.

  3. Quality Backlinks : Backlinks are links that point towards your site. Building quality backlinks is very important for search engine optimization. Google considers a blog/website to be more important if it contains more quality backlinks. Getting a backlink from a site that has got quality content related to theme of your site will hold you in high regard than getting a back link from a poorly optimized site. Building backlinks is a continuous process and will happen over a period of time.

  4. Avoid Flashy Websites : Many people mainly newcomers sometimes tend to use Flash in there websites. It may make the website more attractive but very poor from SEO point of view. Search Engines don’t like Flash so avoid using it.

  5. URL : The URL should be simple and should not contain too many special characters. Keywords are important in the URL as they influence the way people link to you. I don’t think using keywords in URL are important from point of view of Google but from a user perspective it is important.

If you want to add something here, do share it through comments. I will include it here.


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