Youtube Insight Tool – Know Your Video Statistics


Google has come out with a new feature for Youtube called Youtube Insight which enables the users to view the detailed statistics about the video they upload. With its use, users will be able to see when and where there videos are being watched. It also tells a users how often the videos are viewed in different geographic locations as well as the popularity of the video over a period of time.


Apart from this, users can see how long it takes for there videos to become popular. Mainly users will get a clear trend of there videos viewers and this may enable them to make there videos more popular. A major use of it will be to advertisers who can use this data to understand the audience and increase the ad revenue by evaluating the metrics.

The tool is available for free for users, partners and advertisers. Do you upload videos on Youtube? If so, will this help you?


  1. immy00100 says:

    wow i never knew this, they installed a very useful feature looks like analatyics for youtube 😀

  2. This is such a useful tool. On our site we upload demo videos of products that get a very good response from users worldwide. We have started shipping to Europe, so it’s useful to see which regions prefer which kinds of products!