Free disk space by deleting System Restore Points

Windows XP system restore is a great feature to get your system back on track after you have made some changes and the changes have caused some problem in your system. Normally 12% of the space is reserved on your drives for System Restore. So if you keep installing a lot of applications, Restore points will get created and will start occupying large space. So it is better to delete your restore points if you want to free up some disk space.

  1. Go to Start Menu – >Programs ->Accessories ->System Tools and run “Disk Cleanup”
  2. When the Disk Cleanup window opens, select ‘More Options”

Disk cleanup 

  1. Click on the Clean Up button under the System Restore option. This will delete all but the most recent restore point.

Though it is not something new, but most of us usually forget to do it and it takes some precious space.


  1. Actually I don’t use System Restore feature because I rely on third party system image backup applications. But still useful for people that have this feature enabled.

  2. wad says:

    @Jawwad @ Inspired Geek– And why do you feel the need to tell us that? Thumb down stumble.

  3. Nirmal says:

    Well I jus turned off my system restore and got around 30GB in Vista.

  4. Joel says:

    I just checked it out as its been a long time I deleted anything and found out I had 3.55GB of temperory files!!!! Just deleted everything…

  5. Jacklin says:

    It is new knowledge for me…I’ll do it to get spme free space.

  6. Shashank says:

    Thanks for reminding just did some cleanup 🙂
    also one more tip :
    type %temp% in your file browser and hit enter
    just delete all the files there and free up some more space.

  7. Syahid A. says:

    @Nirmal: Wow, regaining 30GB from your hard disk is quite a personal achievement!

  8. Pretty Lady says:

    Okay so I get this whole thing… but I used system restore and put in an old restore point and now if I clean it up, I can never get back my other restore points which I need to bring back my computer again. Any advice?

  9. O M G says:

    help me!!!!!!!!! the entire dic cleanup window did not show up only a small box showed up that said clean and i clicked it. so this cleans up everything but the most recent restore point right?