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PR Update going on

The most talking point about this week is going to be the PR update. A Page Rank update is currently going on. This time, it seems that Google has gone very generous. A lot of blogs which i have seen has had there PR increased. Even the PR of my blog has increased from PR […]

Extract images from videos using Imagegrab

Imagegrab is a free utility which can help us in extracting images from any type of video files, VideoCds and live network streams which are delivered to the computer by a webcam or a camcorder.   The program is easy to use and requires no installation. Just run the application and the window will get […]

Mp3 players to have 500,000 Gb of Capacity in the future

In the future mp3 players might have around 500,000 GB of capacity. Scientist have developed a molecule sized switch which can increase the capacity by 150,000 times. Because of the switch, 500,000 GB can be stored in to one square inch. Current standards fit only 3.3 GB. This project is being  developed by Professor Lee […]

Prison Break mobile game to be out in June

Nowadays, a lot of games are being inspired by Movies and TV Serials. Prison Break is one of the most popular TV Shows in the world. And soon, we will have a chance to play it on our mobile. Vivendi Games mobile plans to release the game in June and considering the popularity of the […]

[Funny]Look at these Domain Names

Choosing a domain name can be a tough job. But have a look at these ones If you want to find the name of celebrity agents, then Who Represents is a good site . The domain is If you are looking for a Pen, the Pen Island is the best place. The domain is […]