March 08 stats

March was a landmark month for On 6th March,2008 this blog turned two years old. Though it is difficult to maintain a blog with your college studies, I think I have done justice to it even though I haven’t made as much progress as I would have liked. Here is my statistics for the month of March.


  • Unique Visitors : 28765
  • Pageviews : 48543

Around 80% of the traffic came from Google followed by Stumbleupon

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Around $250 (mostly from Adsense)

My feed reader count reached a maximum of 325 this month.

How has this month been for you ? Share your thoughts in comments.


  1. @Shashank
    Same here buddy.Even i dont feel like working on my final year project. And congrats on getting closer to 500 mark. I am sure you will achieve it this month

    You would have to put some hard work and also depend on luck along the way. But keep trying hard and you will start getting traffic juice from google.

  2. Steve Yu says:

    Nice number, if only my blog can achieve that kind of number one day. Anyway, keep up the great blogging spirit.

  3. @steve
    One day you will reach those number.

  4. Syahid A. says:

    Nice job Madhur. Keep on posting the good stuffs.