Replace your Windows Task Manager with Task Manager Free

Task Manager Free is a freeware utility program that gives you a unique set of features through which you can get complete control of your computer by managing all the processes and programs that are running on your computer. It can give you detailed information about any process or hidden programs that are running a a particular time or at startup.

It also provides advances statistics for each process running. You can know about how much CPU or disk load a particular process is taking. Sometimes if a process starts taking to much CPU, it also temporarily suspends the process for the time being. You can also kill process, suspend process or even block the process if you think it is dangerous. You can even assign priority to your processes. It sits in System Tray with 2 small icons that give you information about the Disk Load and the CPU usage. It also alerts you whenever a new process adds itself to the startup.


If you are a network user, then this cool utility can also tell you enough information about your TCP/UDP traffic. If you think that some process or program is suspicious, you can immediately scan it online by a single click. One of its cool feature is that it lets you minimize windows to system tray instead of Taskbar so you can save Taskbar space. You can even use it for setting Transparency for each of the running windows.

Some of its features are

  • It gives security analysis of all the processes and windows programs
  • Send files to with a single click for checking
  • A startup manager to manage all programs and services running on startup
  • Increase your boot time by using delayed startup
  • Minimize windows to system tray
  • Set transparency for windows
  • Monitor Internet traffic
  • Find locked files and DLL’s
  • Suspend/Resume processes and threads

The interface is also good and conveys a lot of useful information. In short, it is a good replacement of your Windows Task Manager. There is also a paid version but I don’t think you need that as so much functionality is provided in the free version. I highly recommend it for all of you. It is a freeware and also around 600Kb in size.


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  1. Shashank says:

    Great utility for advance users…nice review

  2. @Shashank
    It is really a must have for all the users. Thanks for stumble

  3. Steve Yu says:

    This is the software that I am looking for. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  4. Syahid A. says:

    Nice free utility! The one click virus checking will be most useful for me.

  5. Jacklin says:

    I am quite often open my task manager, especially when I found my PC run slowly. I’ll check out your recommended tool.

  6. jsanderz says:

    Great find, I will give this app a try.
    By the way have you tried
    Process Explorer
    this is also a great -task manager-.

  7. @steve
    Glad you liked it

    The one click virus check is a great feature

    Do give it a try and let me know whether you like it or not

    I will give process explorer a try.

  8. cybersix says:

    I’ve installed and try it..not bad

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  10. redmanrt says:

    I “stumbled” onto this topic when I asked the technician at the local computer store why my Chessmaster program drives up my CPU usage to 100% on any of my computers, meaning that any other application running at the same time is slowed down or even blocked. He suggested I go to Task Manager and lower the priority of game.ex to “below normal.” I tried it, and it worked, but only during that session. I have to reestablish my change of priority every time I begin the program. The Chessmaster people at Ubisoft’s technical support of course gave me no satisfaction. I wonder if this program will help me address the issue.