Ubuntu 8.04 “Hardy Heron” beta can be Installed in Windows

One of the reasons users are afraid to try out Linux is because of its tedious installation and uninstallation process which involves creating a separate partition etc etc. So a novice user is afraid to install windows as they don’t like to mess with partitions. Sometimes even I don’t feel like trying a Linux Distro as installation takes time. You do have the option of trying out Linux with a Live CD but its experience is not the same as that of an installed version.

However Ubuntu 8.04 “Hardy Heron” beta will make things much easier as it will give an option to Windows users to install Ubuntu on there system without affecting the Windows installation. It has two new options called umenu and Wubi which will let us install Ubuntu alongside Windows in an manner similar to what we use while installing software’s. All you will need is a

  1. A Windows PC
  2. Atleast 4Gb of disk space
  3. A ubuntu 8.04 CD or ISO

When you Autorun the CD on a windows computer, it will have an option of “Install Under Windows” through which you can install Ubuntu easily. The Windows boot manager will also provide an option for “Ubuntu” after the reboot.

Ubuntu 8.04

Uninstall process is also similar to that of other software’s. This will provide users an easy way to install and uninstall Ubuntu on there systems. I definitely think that if more Linux Distro start providing this option, Linux adaptation will become much easier for every user. What do you guys think ?

Via Brown Baron , Zdnet Blog


  1. CypherHackz says:

    I am a Ubuntu user too. Many people afraid to use Ubuntu because they think they need to learn many things. But actually, you need nothing. Everything is already there for you.

  2. jhay says:

    Quite nifty, but I do have some concerns about this. What if the hard drive suffers a major error? Windows + Ubuntu goes down the drain.

  3. DJSays says:

    Hey, That’s great. I need to try this out ASAP.

    Thanks for the news.

  4. @CypherHackz
    With the installation now being made simple, i am sure many users would try it

    If there is some hardware problem, then surely we cant blame it on anything. However, installing Ubuntu wont cause any error as we are not messing with partitions

    Try it and tell us your experiance.

  5. DJSays says:

    Hey Madhur,

    I’ve tried and everything went smooth (mostly).

    I’ve just put up a Step by Step Tutorial for Installing it from within Windows as well on my BLOG here: darshanjog.com

    Please have a look and let me have your comments.


  6. @DJsays

    I will check it out

  7. DJSays says:

    Thanks for your comments Madhur.

    The changes in the BIOS are for making Ubuntu Boot properly.

    If you don’t make the changes in BIOS Ubuntu will freeze during booting or the initial setup.

    Especially the ACPI APIC should be disabled.

  8. cybersix says:

    Glad to here that now we can install Linux on Windows without interrupting the partition…

    Now, i can remove the dual boot & start to try this option..huhu:D

  9. DJSays says:


    The only advantage is that there is no hassles of partitions.

    However, you will still have to dual boot.

    When you install it through Windows, Ubuntu is installed in a Virtual HDD File but, you have to reboot and Select Ubuntu in the Boot Menu to use Ubuntu.

    You can’t use ubuntu from within Windows.

  10. Chetan says:

    Recently Ubuntu launched 8.10, I am damn waiting for its Cds to come, i will install it in my XP session 🙂