Windows 7 to be more human friendly

Microsoft didn’t get the amount of success they would have anticipated from Windows Vista. Some even labeled Vista as the biggest disappointment of 2007. Even though Vista had some nice animation effects and some enhancements such as DX 10, Readyboost etc, it didn’t go well with the critics. Now Microsoft is pushing for a 2009 launch of its successor called Windows 7.

According to Bill Gates, Windows 7 will be more human friendly and will contain some increased input options. The major advancements in the field of Text, Speech, Touch will be incorporated on the latest version. Microsoft is also working with manufacturers and in the future , computers might come fitted with touch screen and will accept input in the form of touch. Microsoft has also hinted that Windows 7 would be “touchier” similar to Apple iPhone.

Many will still wonder that whether Windows 7 will just contain the features of Microsoft’s work on the surface PC. There is a lot of hype surrounding it but what will happen, only future might tell.


  1. @Jacklin
    That can be true. Lets wait and watch.

  2. Kavitt S says:

    Ya windows vista failed due to its high hardware requirements, even a high config pc of 2005-06 had difficulty running it. WHats the point of such an OS, ppl arent goin to scrap their old pcs and buy new high end ones to support a loser OS like Vista.

    I hope the next windows supports old configs as well if MS is looking for success.

    If windows 7 is only in 64 bit version, i really doubt if it will have much success. 64 bit architecture is not much popular as of now, and the majority is not going to scrap their machines in 09 to support another MS blooper.