Imageshack launches free Torrent Service

Imageshack, the famous image uploading site has launched it very own free BitTorrent service. Now you will be able to download torrent files thanks to Imageshack. To download files, you will need to follow these 2 steps

  1. Download the torrent file to the Imageshack server
  2. Imageshack will then give you a HTTP link to download the file on your local machine

Simple isn’t it. It will be life saver for those who have there Torrent use limited by there ISP and for those users who have torrent blocked in there organizations. Due to the overwhelming response, Imageshack is not letting new users register for this service but they promise to provide it soon for everybody. I am very eager to try it. If it works in situations where torrents are blocked, it will be a life saver for me and everyone else. What do you think?

via DownloadSquad


  1. ashwin says:

    If torrents are blocked, why not use Usenet or IRC? 😈

  2. @Ashwin
    I have never tried USenet or IRC . will learn about it now.