Logitech ChillStream Controller with Cooling system launched

Logitech has launched a game controller which not only looks sleek but comes with an inbuilt fan based cooling system which keeps your hands cool and dry on those long gaming sessions.

logitech chillstream controller

The device called the “Chillstream controller” is plug and play compatible both with XP and Vista. Through the use of Logitech’s ChillStream technology, it includes a built in fan that circulates around 3.4 cubic feet of air every minute. There are three narrow vents in each side of the controller to push air to the fingers. The air flow has three settings, continuous, interval which delivers air for 15 seconds and then turns of for 30 seconds.

The color scheme of Silver Black makes this look good. It comes with a 2 year warranty and is available for Rs 2495 (around $62).

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  1. Shashank says:

    Compare its price with the local one(without fans) i bought in Rs 250 🙂