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If you are a fan of TV Series “Lost”, then you will be sure to love this game. In the television show, Oceanic flight 815 crashed somewhere in the Pacific Ocean and the survivors got stranded in an island. In the game, Ubisoft was kind enough to add one more survivor who was also on the fateful flight. The game is an adventure game where you will have to complete the puzzles in order to progress.


Lost 2

In the game you take control of a photojournalist who was on the fateful flight and is now suffering from amnesia after the crash. As the game progresses, you aim will be to regain your identity by completing puzzles, interacting with other survivors and finding clues in your flashbacks. But hey, it is not going to be that easy. When you boarded the plane, there was a camera with you and now some survivor wants to destroy the camera and kill you because you photographed something he didn’t like. The story unfolds similar to the TV series. You will crash on the island, help others, discover the hatch, type the fateful code etc. All the main characters of the game are present : Jack, Kate, Sawyer, Hurley, Locke, Charlie, Sayid, Sun, Jin, Claire, Ben, Juliet. Though most of the story follows the path of the first two seasons, you will also encounter the others during the course of the game. And wait there is also the “black smoke” .

Lost 3

The best thing about the game is its impressive graphics. The jungle has been beautifully rendered. The opening scene of the plane crash looks like an exact replica of the “pilot” episode. The unknown jungle is the best of all. The trees, waterfall, beach, hatch etc look beautiful with lighting and sounds. The jungle has been modeled into different areas so you will feel that you are going to new places. Most of the characters resemble there real life counter parts and the voice is accurate. All the characters will even behave like there real life counterparts. For example, when you talk to John Locker, he will tell you things about “reason you are on the island” or “Don’t tell me what i can’t do”.

Lost 4

The gameplay is where the game lacks quality. First of all, the gameplay is too short. You can finish it in around 9 hours and there is no replay value. The best you can do is unlock items by taking photographs of landmarks. During the course of the game, you will have to solve a lot of puzzles which involves joining the fuses to make a circuit work that will turn on the lights or stop the fuel leak etc. You will also have to move through the jungle by following waypoints or by looking at the compass which you will get later in the game. In the jungle, you will also have to avoid the “black smoke” by hiding in the trees. You will also move through caves by using lighter and wooden torches. The game also have a few shooting sequences. You will also collect a lot of items you find such as “Water Bottle”, “Papayas”, “Books” etc which can be used for trading with Sawyer and Charlie. When you are in the hatch, you will also have to type in the numbers in the interval of 108 minutes.

Lost 5

In the game, you will also have a camera which will help you during the flash backs. As you encounter a flash back, you will be shown a torn photograph. In the flashback scene, you will have to use the camera to take the picture that resembles the image using the camera’s zoom and focus function. If you do that, you will be able to watch the flashback cut scene and interact with the characters that will help you to regain your memory. You can also use your camera to enjoy the scenery or take the pictures of landmark items.

Lost 6

You will also interact with the different characters in the game. During the interaction, you can learn information such as what other survivors think about you and whether they trust you or not. You also have the option of trading with the characters. If you are going in the cave, you will need torches and you can get them from the characters by trading them for papayas or other things that you find. The sound effects in the game are very accurate. When you pass through the jungle, you will hear the jungle sounds such as chirping of birds, movement of leafs, sound of waterfall. You will also hear the strange “whispers” as you move and that can sometimes be scary. You feet will also make sound as you pass through the dense foliage. Overall, it will give you a feeling that you are really in the jungle.

Lost 7

The controls of the game are easy to master. I haven’t played it in consoles but have heard that it appears same in all of them. The game does require some knowledge of the show and that can be bad for new players who have not seen the show. However, if you are a die hard “Lostie”, then this is a perfect game for you despite its weakness. And yeah, it does require a pretty heavy system.

Lost 8

My Rating

Graphics: 5/5

Gameplay: 2.5/5

Sound: 3.5/5

System Requirements : Pretty heavy. Needs a graphics card such as Geforce 8600 GT and around 1 GB Ram.


  1. Grace says:

    Hey Madhur! 🙂 I think I might enjoy this game, even though the series is more suspense than puzzle. 😀

  2. Pallab says:

    Yeah. Gameplay is very mediocre. But the ending was true WTF lost. I seriously hope they make a sequel to the game and clarify the ending.

  3. narendra.s.v says:

    its just like a freedom game 😉

  4. Ashwin CS says:

    Don’t have the Specs to play the game. Anything wrong with your feeds, coz I haven’t received the last two posts in my reader.

  5. Nina says:

    I tried to play the game, but my PC can’t handle it. I have to wait for the upgrade, about 1 month.

    I expected gameplay to be weak. Most games who copy movies or series fail there. Shame.

  6. Well i have a question.. since theres a picture that shows jack and juliet together that means that this is like MATRIX PON (Path of Neo)i.e. its not just based on one of the seasons but all of them combined together?

  7. @Ibrahim
    Yes you got it right.

  8. de_ronny says:

    i’m trying to take a picture of the weelchair, but i just cant be able to use the camera, anyone can help please?