Orkut Apps launched in India

Orkut Apps has been finally launched in India. Yesterday night, after logging on to Orkut, i noticed a option saying “Add applications and customize your profile with music , games and more” . Then it dawned on me that the much talked about Orkut Apps have been introduced which allows the use of third party applications with Orkut.

 Orkut Apps

Currently the applications that are available are

  1. Music iLike : Allows you to add music and videos to your profile.
  2. Emote : Show how you feel by the use of emotions.
  3. Photo Attack: Attack photos of your friends with some cool animations
  4. Horoscopes
  5. TypeRacer : A typing game
  6. Top Friends : List your Top Friends
  7. SlideTV : Add pics, videos to your profile
  8. myHangman : A game
  9. iRead : Rate and Review your Favourite books
  10. Flixster Movies : Rate movies and compare your taste with friends
  11. And lots more


Orkut Apps1

So finally Orkut has taken some lessons from Facebook. One of the reasons of Facebook popularity is the use of third party applications. Orkut has huge user base in India. And with Indian companies also developing these applications, Orkut will soon get more popular. In the near feature, we are going to see many more application by third parties. A good step by Orkut which is bound to raise its popularity.


  1. I’m loving the TypeRacer app 😀

  2. @Shankar
    I have heard a lot about it. But cant try it. Orkut is blocked in college and the applications dont work with proxy