Send free SMS to 38 countries with Jaxtr


Now with Jaxtr, you can send free SMS worldwide to 38 countries. You can send messages to anyone irrespective of whether he is a Jaxtr user or not. The message can be sent directly from the member’s Jaxtr page. You will have to register with Jaxtr. The basic membership is free and you can send SMS using that. So what else can you need.

There is one limitation. The maximum of the message can be only 65 characters. So your messages have to be to the point. But as you are paying not a single penny for the messages, you won’t mind this. The good thing is that, there are no ads displayed along with the messages. I tried sending a message to my mobile and it was delivered immediately. At the end of the message, there will be a return link using which people can reply to your messages.


  1. Forest Parks says:

    Wow this is a great thing, no ads!!

    I have tried a few free text services before with less than desirable results.

  2. @Forest
    This service is great. The only drawback is the length of 65 characters

  3. Jacklin says:

    Good info! I’ll check it out soon as it is very useful.

  4. Steve Yu says:

    I’ve tried it on my phone too. It was a quick delivery.

  5. MUKS says:

    I tried..but the message delivered was a link instead of the original msg

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