Extract images from videos using Imagegrab

Imagegrab is a free utility which can help us in extracting images from any type of video files, VideoCds and live network streams which are delivered to the computer by a webcam or a camcorder.


The program is easy to use and requires no installation. Just run the application and the window will get displayed where you can open the video.


Just open the video from which you want to extract the images using the Open video button. The video will be loaded and using the inbuilt media player, you can select the frame of which you want an image. Just click on a single button and it will be saved to your computer.

You can also set the aspect ratio of the images which can be “Normal”, “4X3” or “16X9”. You can also specify the directory where you want the images to be stored. If you want to extract images from the whole video, you can also specify the time interval at which it will take screenshots while the video is being played. It could have been much better if it would allow us to take screenshots in higher resolutions but still it is a good tool if you want to extract images of your favorite scenes etc.

Download (547 Kb)


  1. @Jacklin
    The format can be BMP and JPG. The resolution is not too high.

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  4. mrs chow says:

    how to i download image grade