PR Update going on

The most talking point about this week is going to be the PR update. A Page Rank update is currently going on. This time, it seems that Google has gone very generous. A lot of blogs which i have seen has had there PR increased. Even the PR of my blog has increased from PR 2 to PR 3 and my Soccer Blog has received its first PR 1 even though it receives around 30-50 visitors daily. Congrats to everybody who have got there first PR. So how has this PR update been for you? Share your new PR with me in comments.


  1. Mayank says:

    My website is now PR 2 and the blog is now PR 3

  2. @Binny
    Great Going man. Congrats

    Congrats. THat is cool

    I dont think it is going to drop. THe PR update is over by now.

    Congrats buddy.