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Greasemonkey Scripts for Internet Explorer

If you are an Internet Explorer user like me, you must have missed the cool Greasemonkey extensions which can be used with FireFox. But now, there is some hope for us. A IE add on is available called Greasemonkey for IE which can be used to bring the functionality of Greasemonkey to Internet Explorer. The […]


First of all, let me thank all of my dear readers for the best wishes on┬ámy┬áprevious post. Due to my crazy selection of the title, many of you may have thought that it was my last post on this blog. Well thats not the case. In my last post, i meant to say that it […]

The Last post (from College)

The idea and creation of this blog originated when i was in my 4th semester in college and so it is essential that i write something about it. Today (26th May 2008), i will be leaving college having completed my 4 year Btech course in Computer Science and Engineering. These 4 years have passed so […]

Entrecard launches some much needed features

Entrecard has added a much needed feature to there service. Now you can add or link multiple blogs to your Entrecard account. Previously you had the option of only a single blog which was not so good for blogger’s like me who run several blogs. Just go to your Entrecard Dashboard and click on “Linked […]

Super Sunday Links Episode 8

Here are some cool links from the past weeks. Ram from Teknobites tells us about an interesting service called Spellr which checks our site for spelling errors. He has also recently launched IndianMeme , a meme tracker site which indexes Indian blogs and gives the sneak peak of the hottest stories from Indian Blogosphere Ashish […]