Youtube for “India” Launched

Popular online video sharing site “Youtube” has launched its very own local Indian site. IT will feature a localized page for the Indian community. Users will be able to search, share, create or browse videos related to India. It will also provide a platform to share the India’s diverse culture with the outside world.

YouTube has already signed partnerships, in India with Eros Entertainment, Rajshri Films, IIFA,  Ministry of Tourism, IIT Delhi, NDTV, UTV, Zoom TV, India TV and Krishcricket. So we might expect some good content here.


  1. Sounds interesting…anything good on it yet??

  2. Haris says:

    Oh cool. Checking it out.

  3. Rakshit says:

    Will check it out soon.
    Thanks for the updates.

  4. @Aseem
    There isn’t much content there at the moment. But in a few more days, i guess more videos will get added

    Tell me if you liked it or not

    DO check it out.

  5. Nirmal says:

    Read about this, but didnt check out, how is the content now?