Browse Internet on your Mobile using Opera Mini

Opera Mini 4.5

When i started using Internet on my phone, i used the crappy in built browser. Then i was introduced to Opera Mini browser and my browsing experience has been entirely different ever since. Opera recently released a new version Opera Mini 4.1. It has a lot of wonderful features such as

  • More Speed : You can now browse the web upto 50% faster than the predecessor. Believe me, it is true
  • URL Completion: It can also suggest URL completions to you. Now you won’t need to type the full address again and again
  • Search within a Page: You can also search for text within the web page
  • Save Web Pages: You can now save web pages on your phone if your phone has JSR-75
  • Download and upload files: Earlier when you tried to download a file, the default browser used to open. Now if your phone has JSR-75, you can download/upload files without being directed to default browser. Even uploading to sites such as Flickr is possible

All these features makes the existing Opera Mini browser even better. If you browse the net using a mobile phone and is not using Opera Mini, you are missing something. Have you used Opera Mini or any other software ? Leave your thoughts in comments.

Download Opera Mini


  1. Pretty nifty! Thanks buddy!

  2. Sathya says:

    Well I’ve been a huge fan of Opera Mini. Have used Opera Mini 3.0, Opera mini4.0 beta, Opera Mini 4.0, and Opera Mini 4.0 and currently using Opera Mini 4.1 beta, haven’t shifted to the final release yet. As for “faster speed” well I don’t know it remained the same for me 😐

    The addition of a file downloader is much needed, but its very, very basic. Tab support is missing too. If these features can be incorporated in the modded version, I dont know why Opera devs include these features. But I’m not complaining, its an awesome, awesome browser.