Facebook will allow you to carry your profile with you

Facebook has announced that it is going to set up a new system which will allow its users to carry there profile with them as they browse through other website’s.

Once the changes takes effect, users will be able to copy pictures, personal information from Facebook to other websites. The privacy settings which the user has specified will remain established at the external websites. This will allow users to share the information with family and friends all around the Internet.

The announcement was made a day after MySpace announced a similar thing. But MySpace will allow users to carry there profile to a select group of websites while Facebook will allow users to take there profiles to any websites that want to host them. The concept of portable profiles does seem interesting. However, there is a lot of time before the system becomes available.


  1. Haris says:

    I was really surprised when Facebook banned Google Connect. You know about that?

  2. @Haris
    I heard something related to Facebook not joining the Google OpenSocial platform. Is it related to that

  3. Jacklin says:

    Sounds like Facebook want to fight against Google frontally…That’s very brave decision.