Entrecard launches some much needed features

Entrecard has added a much needed feature to there service. Now you can add or link multiple blogs to your Entrecard account. Previously you had the option of only a single blog which was not so good for blogger’s like me who run several blogs.

Just go to your Entrecard Dashboard and click on “Linked Blogs”. You can now choose whether to link an existing account with you account or register a new blog and link it to your account. You can then switch from one blog to other to drop and advertise as either one. They have also launched a free e-book which can help you in getting started with Entrecard.

To make things more interesting, they are also having a contest. Just adding one more blog to your account will get you eligible to win 15,000 credits. And if you blog about there new features and include a link to there e-book, you stand a chance to win 2000 credits. I have been using Entrecard for around 2 months now and it has been working fine for me. Apart for getting me visitors, it has also helped me in discovering some new blogs. If you are not using Entrecard, i recommend you try it.


  1. I was pleased to see they actually launched the much-needed feature of adding blogs to an account. Now I can finally see what Entrecard can do for my other blogs.

  2. Steve Yu says:

    Currently I have one blog only.

  3. Haris says:

    I still haven’t tried Entrecard. Looks like its finally the time to give it a try. Thanks for the update.

  4. @Mark
    Even i will add my soccer blog soon.

    Do give it a try and tell me what you feel

  5. Ram says:

    I tried removed and then tried and removed. I never got it right. Its good to hear that it is working for you

  6. Silki says:

    Earlier I was a bit skeptical about them. But they have really made a good progress.

  7. Jacklin says:

    They made great improvement to attract more participant. I’m considering to join.