The Last post (from College)

The idea and creation of this blog originated when i was in my 4th semester in college and so it is essential that i write something about it. Today (26th May 2008), i will be leaving college having completed my 4 year Btech course in Computer Science and Engineering. These 4 years have passed so quickly that it is hard to imagine that i am actually an engineer and ready to enter the Corporate world.

Now matter how much i hate things about this college such as “Mess Food” or Internet Restrictions, i am sure going to miss all of it in the end. The time spent here with dear friends whether good or bad is something that i will always cherish all throughout my life. This journey wouldn’t have been possible without them. It is sad that somethings must come to an end but that’s the way life is, “A Journey ends, a new journey starts”. So please wish me luck and success on this new life that awaits me.


  1. Shashank says:

    Congrats buddy.. you must be feeling free now ­čÖé
    So what are your future plans

  2. […] of all, let me thank all of my dear readers for the best wishes on┬ámy┬áprevious post. Due to my crazy selection of the title, many of you may have thought that it was my last post on […]

  3. I have no plans to stop Blogging and this blog will remain active

  4. CypherHackz says:

    Ha3. You are like me bro. I also just finished my study in university. 4 years struglling to get good result and do lot of works was so troublesome. I will graduate in August but I have started my work as digital forensics analyst. This job is so interesting. Best of luck to you!

  5. Bobby Revell says:

    Congratulations Madhur! How exciting, I wish you great success in your career:)

  6. ArpitNext says:

    best of luck for future !!

  7. @Cypher
    Congrats to you too man. You got an interesting job

    Thanks Bobby

    Thanks buddy.

  8. ashish says:

    hope u get a good job
    and i know how collg life rocks
    since this year is my first!!!!
    am doing cs btech