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Super Sunday Links Episode 11

Here are few of the interesting posts written by my buddies in the last few days. Blogote tells you about a nice tool which you can use to design beautiful WordPress themes without any programming knowledge TechPavan tells you how to rename multiple files in Windows Nirmal tells you about a software to help you […]

Thank You Bill Gates for everything

On Friday Bill Gates stepped away from his daily duties at Microsoft, who he founded at age 19 to devote his time to philanthropic work. He still is Microsoft’s chairman and largest shareholder but Friday was his last day as a full time worker, thus marking the unofficial end of his long journey. And such […]

Call Of Duty 5 Trailer

A few days ago, we talked about Call Of Duty 5 and its new features. Here is the official trailer which looks good. [youtube]QB9ApSJ9nJo[/youtube] What do you think ?

Take Screenshots using Gadwin Printscreen

Normally when we wish to take a screenshot, we have to go through a long process of pressing the PrintScreen button, opening an image editing application, pasting the image and then saving it. It becomes more tedious if you want to take screenshots in quick succession. Gadwin PrintScreen is here to make our job a […]

USB Drive to Freshen up your Office

We have air-fresheners for our car, rooms, bathrooms but we don’t have one for our beloved PC. Debure, a Hong Kong based company thought about it and came up with a USB drive that emits sweet smell when connected to the computer.