Windows Live Writer gets updated

If you are blogger, then one of the best tools which you can use for Blog Editing is Windows Live Writer. A new technical preview of Windows Live Writer was released yesterday which has some good improvements and some new functionality added.

Some of the changes which have been made are


  • Improved Category Control –> Now you can even search through your categories


  • Additional Border effects while working with images


  • Image cropping and Image Tilting while working with images
  • A new Tabbed View


  • Automatic Linking to certain terms which you can specify
  • Video Upload to Soapbox
  • Support for aligning images (You can align them using commands from the toolbar)
  • A Word Count Feature
  • Changes in the User Interface

These are some of the changes which are very helpful. It will make WLW much more useful. Have you guys tried WLW? Do you find these new features useful ?


  1. Rockstar Sid says:

    I have almost discovered all things from the latest update!

    Makes blogging much easier!

  2. Jacklin says:

    This new feature is a good news for most bloggers. I love windows live writter more and more.

  3. Good review. Liked the image effects a lot, especially shadow thing. It even picked the plugin I’ve created for styling the posts with templates. In case you are interested using/reviewing the plugin feel free to do so at

    thanks for sharing

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