Orkut Adds Photo Tagging feature

Google seems to be really improving Orkut every week. Orkut have just added a photo tagging feature. This allows you to tag the photos of other users in your profile or other’s profile. The tagged photos will then be visible in the profile page next to the messages field.



You can disable Photo Tagging feature by going to the settings panel.This way, your friends won’t be able to tag you. To Tag a photo, open the photo and click on the “Add Tag” link on the bottom of the page. Select the are of the photo which you wish to tag and then you can specify the name of the friend you want to tag it with.

Orkut Photo Tagging

This is certainly a useful feature. Google certainly seems to be following in the footsteps of Facebook. Lets see what new features are they going to add in the coming weeks. If you want to connect with me on Orkut, Click here


  1. Haris says:

    This is one feature that I love in Facebook. Glad to see it in Orkut also.

  2. Pratyush says:

    Dunno if Facebook is copying Orkut or Orkut is following the Facebook :D. Anyway it was a much needed feature in Orkut, thanks for sharing.

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  4. Rakshit says:

    Yeah, I wan wondering about this new “Photos of me” thing. Now I able to understand it. Really a cool feature.

  5. Definitely Orkut is copyign Facebook. That is one arena where Google got beat out. They are rushing now to take over Facebook, but it’s going to be hard. My wife will love this feature!

  6. Ram says:

    This is a nice little feature, i liked it

  7. Nirmal says:

    Orkut seems to be adding lots of features to compete with Facebook and other social networks.

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