Orkut Adds “Community Recommendations” feature

Orkut adds Community Feature

Google really seem to be working on Orkut these days. A few days ago, they added the Photo Tagging feature. And now, they have added the “Community Recommendation” feature which will recommend you the communities which you should be interested in joining based on your interest.

Although it is not a unique feature. Facebook also introduced a similar feature a few months back which gave you recommendations regarding the Friends which you should add. Google do seem to be following Facebook and in a few weeks we might see a “Friend Recommendation” feature as well.


  1. Ram says:

    They seem to be working on Orkut these days. good for users.

  2. Sandip says:

    Its not just Orkut, But Google have aggressively started adding features to their each and every services

    Google Favicon
    Google Trend got CVS export
    Google Map Flash API
    Google Orkut Themes & Community Recommendation
    and many other
    Happy Time Ahead for Us 🙂

  3. Nirmal says:

    Right, Google seems to be improving Orkut and getting into giving some competition to Facebook.

  4. Jacklin says:

    Yes, I believe Orkut will be one of the Google’s great competition tool.

  5. Sujoy says:

    This is really turning me off right now. Just way too much is happening with Orkut. I needed clean not cluttered. The new themes suck. The applications pages aren’t as reliable as Facebook, and take a look at those bloody recommendations man. Communities. ugh!!! How many more do we need to join?

    P.S. I already have like 140 communities in my list, based on my interests, and Goog is like suggesting me to join a million more.