Launch Applications with Rocket Dock

Rocket Dock

Rocket Dock is a Mac OS X style launcher application for Windows. It looks smoothly blended as well as animated. Though there are other products of its type such as MobyDock, Object Dock etc I have found it to be the best so far.


Rocket Dock 1

Windows can be minimized as icons

You can easily drop your icons on it so that they can be accessed easily. One of its best features is its Taskbar support through which your minimized windows appear as icons on the Dock. In Windows Vista, it even gives real time Window Previews. It is highly customisable. You can select its position, layering, animation options, it comes with a lot of skins which are cool. The animations and transitions are very smooth. It is a very light weight and can even run well on slow computers. It is also compatible with MobyDock, Object Dock, RK Launcher etc.

And yes, it is FREE. A great tool to increase your productivity. Have you tried software’s like these? If so , which one do you prefer ? Share your thoughts in comments.



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