Send Free SMS using Peekamo

peekamo-logo-01 Peekamo has announced the launch of its Mobile Social Network Service in India. The service enables the user to send and receive SMS on there phones for free.


Users will be able to send SMS to individuals as well as groups and the phone number will not get displayed. An advertisement will also be embedded along with the message. Peekamo’s aim is to create a social networking mobile platform. Users can create profile, find other users and connect with them. Peekamo also provides a universal platform for sending messages as once can send messages between mobile to mobile, PC to mobile and mobile to PC.

Some advantages of using this service are that your number doesn’t get displayed. It is user friendly and also offers SMS archiving, mobile social networking, contact management and mobilized Internet content at no cost.

To use this service, just visit and register. You will need a mobile phone for activation. It looks a very promising service with good features.

Another service which you can use is Jaxtr


  1. Tech Updates says:

    This seems to be a big competitor to all the current established SMS service providers!

  2. Keith Dsouza says:

    this is a service I am going to give a try I hope it lives up to what you have suggested 🙂

  3. Daryl says:

    I have found another website that works. There’s been quite some reviews and its pretty not bad. You can try it out. The messages are free and the only thing is they attach an advertising message at the end of your SMS.

  4. sadic says:

    you can use for sending free sms to india. they only send 80 chrts rest will be from their ad agents.

  5. The advantage of sending bulk sms in business is the speedy delivery, cheap cost, time saving factor and a guaranteed delivery to the recipient. Bulk sms messages can be sent anywhere without any geographical boundary. Text messages related to special products or brands can easily be sent anywhere. Immediate sms delivery provides a prompt response from the receiver.

  6. umer says:

    salam how r u?