Send Free SMS using Peekamo

peekamo-logo-01 Peekamo has announced the launch of its Mobile Social Network Service in India. The service enables the user to send and receive SMS on there phones for free.


Users will be able to send SMS to individuals as well as groups and the phone number will not get displayed. An advertisement will also be embedded along with the message. Peekamo’s aim is to create a social networking mobile platform. Users can create profile, find other users and connect with them. Peekamo also provides a universal platform for sending messages as once can send messages between mobile to mobile, PC to mobile and mobile to PC.

Some advantages of using this service are that your number doesn’t get displayed. It is user friendly and also offers SMS archiving, mobile social networking, contact management and mobilized Internet content at no cost.

To use this service, just visit and register. You will need a mobile phone for activation. It looks a very promising service with good features.

Another service which you can use is Jaxtr


  1. avinashsonee says:

    Good Site .. there are many more sites like this but there is Vakow – which offers free SMS and also SMS blogging and a huge collection of messages which you can forward, post to orkut, facebook and lot more options like free jokes, shayari subscrption. People would love this site.

  2. avinashsonee says:

    And Hey dude .. I have added your blog on my Blog Roll. If you like my blog ( ), you can roll me up here. Thanks !!

  3. Haris says:

    I hope this becomes available for International users as well.

  4. Sandip says:

    Useful Web service, Bookmarked.

  5. Ram says:

    Seems to be good service, if it doesn’t display number how do you know who is sending the message.

  6. Can I send SMS messages from the US for free also or just India?

  7. Nirmal says:

    Pretty good service, I signed up and sent a message, it will show the user name instead of number.

  8. Pallab says:

    Users will be able to send SMS to individuals as well as groups and the phone number will not get displayed.

    This aspect is surely going to be exploited by spammers.

  9. Syahid A. says:

    This tool looks like it can give Jaxtr a run for its money. 😀

  10. The service can also be used by international users.