Need For Speed: Undercover Coming

NFS series has always been one of my favourite game. Last year EA took all the fun out of the game when they removed the cops and the street racing feature. Prostreet turned out to be a crappy game, a opinion which is also shared by EA’s head John Riccitiello “ I thought it was an okay game, in terms of gameplay. It’s not good. But who wanted Prostreet? It was a sort of made up, put numbers on the side of your car and pretend to drive your Ferrari where? Or your Porsche where?" . Most of you who must have played Prostreet must be having the same opinion.


He also announced the next instalment of NFS series which will be called NFS: Undercover has been in development considerably longest than any pervious NFS games. The previous NFS team was split into two to give each team more time to create franchise of the game. Now instead of a single team working on a franchise for 12 months, each team will have two years with the teams trading releases each year. One of the points which Riccitiello mentioned was that the game gets its inspiration from movies like "’Transporter’. Now what he meant by that, only time will tell.

Now since more time is being put on development, we can expect NFS team to deliver something good with this. Hopefully it will release in all the major platforms like the previous ones.


  1. abhishek says:

    I have always been nfs fan…i liked nfs most wanted the most out of all the editions released yet.

    Lets see how is nfs undercover going to be…there is long time to wait….neways if it got inspiration from transporter…then it going be really amazing.

  2. Nirmal says:

    Even me too, I’m a great fan of NFS. Waiting for this new version.

  3. Jacklin says:

    Only few racing games I play and NFS is one of them

  4. moin says:

    yeah NFS is too good, i always for next version and second game GTA i just love that thing. any screen shot madhur?

  5. N4S Fanatic R says:

    I believe Pro Street wasnt good because it never had the element of racing on the streets to enjoy n4s i had to go back to ‘most wanted’ i do have carbon but i like to drive in the day time night is good but street racing takes place at all times of the day. so tip for undercover get illegal racing back switch between day and night bring challenge series back as a mini game and more cars to choose from p.s try and get a ferrari in the game

  6. jigig says:

    ITS COMING OUT 11/17/2008!!!!!