USB Drive to Freshen up your Office


We have air-fresheners for our car, rooms, bathrooms but we don’t have one for our beloved PC. Debure, a Hong Kong based company thought about it and came up with a USB drive that emits sweet smell when connected to the computer.


The drive has been names as Scent Drive. To use it, just fill its Oil compartment with fragrance oil like rose or pepper mint and plug in the device. The device actually burns the oil which produces a sweet smell

The drive weighs just 5g and is available in two colours, rose red and pepper mint green The cost is just $7.


  1. Steve Yu says:

    Nice tool but I’m not really need that. 😀

  2. Nihar says:

    Great find.

    Love to have one of this….

  3. moin says:

    great great thing you’ve discovered i like it i wish i find it here in my country, very creative though